PRINTEX is a Company of K-GROUP, and it is a wholly Owned Egyptian co. That was established in 2016.


Due to the fast advancement in the International market in the filed of Textile manufacturing, and taking into account the position of Egypt and its History that was full of achievements and contribution to this field, it is natural that it should be entitled to lead the way on the world stage . Its multitude of resources naming a few, its famously renowned Long Yarn Egyptian Cotton, having at its disposal the largest numbers of factories within the area of the middle east in the field as well as the millions of skilled manpower. Considering the importance of this sector which naturally comes as second to human needs after food, thus it is of utmost importance in the process of development of any community or country.
After an in depth study of this sector conducted by PRINTEX, and locating its weak as well as its strong points, the company took the necessary steps to elevate both the production level as well as the level of quality of the sector as whole giving it the advantage to compete and have the drive to make its products to be positioned as the number one selling items .
The company aimes to present to the Egyptian market the latest of of the advanced technological advancement in the field of Textile process and production, technical support and after sales services, in order to maintain its status and be a source of pride to all those in the field.
The company offers total solution package that includes, Digital textile printing machines and its components, Inks, Presses, and any additional needs that the industry may require.