Origin was established in 2006 and it is an Egyptian company with pure Egyptian capital. It is one of the companies of (K-GROUP) group and specializes in selling all kinds of CNC machines.


Believing in the (K-GROUP) group's role in the investment and trade sector in the growth and advancement of the economic, industrial and commercial situation of the country, it was necessary for us to participate in supporting the advertising industry and forming metals, wood and marble sectors, as the group established and established (ORIGIN) company to provide the advertising industry Furniture, construction, leather and textiles, the latest CNC machines in the world, including router, laser, plasma, metal forming and welding
The company has studied the weaknesses and strengths in the industrial market that can be done through technical support, periodic maintenance, and stability in performance. We have put our hands on the negative points in these sectors, which forced it to provide a large number of engineers specialized in the maintenance of specialized machines in these areas.
It provides integrated solutions in the manufacture of advertisements, furniture, metals and decoration from CNC machines that cut, engrave and shape all metals, woods, industrial panels and many other types used in these fields
As a result of the acclaimed experiences of the company, in addition to the high quality of its goods and the size of its customer base, the company has proven that it is one of the leading Egyptian companies in the field of importing and distributing CNC machines, the company's mission is currently to continue its goals and strive to increase its coverage for more industrial sectors.