Due to the importance of the Advertising field and the key and vital role it plays in the development of communities either to reflect their opinions or to shed lights on its civilization and as well convey to other cultures its values, philosophy, political views, outlook on life, religious beliefs, as well as, their most valuable and strong commercial, industrial and trade sectors.


for none trade sector, advertising plays a unique roll in attracting tourism to see and experience cultural, religious and historical monuments that tell and convey many vital messages of those who preceded us, and left behind their ways of lives and beliefs for visitors to reflect on and learn more about their ancestors and their own past. K-GROUP realizing this vital role and after carefully studied steps decided to make it their goal to contribute to the success of the advertising field.
The results of our careful study of the major elements affecting the performance in this field, we found that the lack of or shortage of supplies in major centers as well as rural ares was the main factor that stopped this valuable service to perform at the level it deserve. That is were we began our contributions by establishing a major distribution Network to serve the entire country through key suppliers and distributer who as we are, determine to rise the productivity of this field and make sure it deliver its roll as it should be.
The company specializes in importing all types of advertising materials for distributer and traders, either by importing these items directly on their behalf or through general importing activity and then supplying them locally on cash or credit basis, what is more important is that we ensure the highest quality, continuous supply and more important to them competitive prices.
The company look for establishing a cooperative relationships with its clients through continuous communication, mutual trust, which make them strategic partners in the field. Those partners are found among the list of the strongest trading companies in this field. The result of this practice FLEX MEDIA became one of the top companies in Egypt that specializes in importing and supplying advertising needs and materials, and the company spare no efforts in increasing its geographical territories.